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When attempting the Unlock Safe task in the Cargo Bay, do not let go of the dial in between numbers! Each number of the combination will appear sequentially and automatically; if you lift your finger from the dial in between each number, you will need to restart.
Among Us Mod APK is not available on Google Play Store, as Google doesn’t allow the modded apps on the Play Store. So, what should you do to download the Among Us Mod APK? Well, you have to download the APK file that we are going to share in this section. All you have to do is download Among Us Mod APK on your device and manually install it to play. Well, the process of downloading and installation is not difficult at all but will take only a few seconds of your time. In this section, you’ll find the download link and the detailed procedure of installation.

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Most other racial groups were underrepresented in leading roles. Latino actors accounted for 7% of roles, Asian actors for under 6%, and Indigenous actors only made up roughly half of a percentage. 
The messages also included threats which if not followed would affect players devices or the game itself. The only known social media of “Eris Loris” is a YouTube channel which soon gained many subscribers. Although it doesn’t look like there is any Among Us content on the channel.
Among Us has taken the internet by storm and shows no sign of stopping. Among Us is a social deduction game, similar to board games like Mafia and Werewolf. Up to 10 players work together to complete tasks located around the map. The catch? Some of the crew are not who they claim to be. Imposters lurk in the shadows, with the sole purpose of killing everyone. When a body is found or an emergency meeting is called, the players all must vote for who they think the Imposter might be.
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Among Us is a simple game with cute graphics and player-friendly to focus on communicating between players. The game will introduce a unique setting, where players are members of an astronaut crew on a mission. However, among them will be an impostor with an evil goal and the rest of the players need to find him before everything is over. The game’s content is simple, but players have to take advantage of many different factors to reason and need active interaction of other members to exploit information. Besides the goals, the game will have many maps and other attractive functions for players to entertain and make the gameplay more exciting.
Do you constantly get killed, called “sus,” or even worse, ejected?
End Voting – This modified application permits you to end the voting at any instant of time. So now, the entire Among Us server is in your hand, end any voting and kick out anyone, without letting anyone know.
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Impostor can also self-correct these troubles to distract crewmate.
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The setting takes place in the vast space, where there is a spaceship having an unexpected problem when all astronauts have to try to repair and restart the ship to return to Earth. However, there were bad guys who broke into the ship with the intention of taking over to steal things of value. Even they are willing to destroy the ship and destroy the astronauts to achieve their goals. So your task is to find the villains hiding and impersonate the members on the ship to destroy them before your spaceship is completely destroyed at the hands of those villains.
Among Us Tip – Learn this Among Us trick! The double kill is where you and another impostor kill 2 people in quick succession. To do this, both impostors must push kill in just a few seconds of each other. Since neither of you have hands, this can be difficult.
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When there is a sabotage alarm, the team should prioritize fixing, but you need to ensure that you move in groups while doing so as the Impostors will try to use sabotages to split the team, isolate crewmates and kill them. 
Although it is an online multiplayer game still it could be easily hacked and there are lots of hacks and mods that are available on the Internet.
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The Academy launched a formal review into the incident but it is unclear what kind of action might be taken pending its findings.
If possible, try to sabotage the O2 or the reactor room and repel teammates who are in a hurry to fix it. These two rooms are important, because you automatically win if the crew does not fix them in time, ensuring that at least one member is suitable to fix them.
More than being a pure mind game, it is hilarious. The fact that all of us have played similar games in our childhood (non-digital) ways makes it even more fun. So, don’t wait, jump in and try the practice mode for some great fun. And if you’re ever stumped as to what to do, be sure to check back the above guide for the tips and tricks for Among Us.
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Would it be fun to play Among Us with 100 players? Of course it would! The Impostors’ usernames are hidden, so you won’t know who you’re looking for in the midst of all the chaos. You can check for an Impostor every minute, but bring a notepad so you can keep track of who you’ve cleared.
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For their part, the team at developer InnerSloth have been doing what they can to address the problem on their end, banning hackers and asking them to “please stop.” Whether that will actually compel hackers to quit cheating remains to be seen, but with any luck InnerSloth will be able to reduce instances of hacking before too long.
3. Install Among Us Mod Menu or Original Apk and Enjoy!!!
Step 3: After Downloading, you have to enable an unknown source that will allow you to install the application from a third-party source. To Enable, Go to settings>security, and then under device administration, you will an option called “Unknown Source” tap on it to enable.
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Too many Crewmates vote for whatever colour is mentioned first. If there is some serious evidence against that person, go ahead and vote him off. But if it is based on speculation, don’t take the risk. This is especially true in the beginning of the game, as evidence is often scarce and there is still plenty of time to catch the Imposter. Do pay attention to whoever seems to be casting their suspicions so early though, they may want to sow the seeds of mistrust.
Among Us has many hats but you will only get some free hats and you have to buy the rest of the hats. Using Among Us Mod Menu you can get all the premium hats for free.
This are some awesome fan-made pop culture skin mods. You can jump into Among us as Pikachu, Pac-man, Mario skins, Brian from family guy, even as a Fall Guys character and as anything else you can think of. The best place to get your free skin mods is Gamebanana, the site includes a verity of skins and mods. There are thousands of character skins mods, here’s our favourite:
On the Mira HQ map, it is not easy to keep track of venting Impostors, but you can check the Door Log to find out who passed a door sensor and when. The Door Log keeps track of the last 20 logging events, so if you see a player passing a door at one side of the map and then another one that is not directly connected to the first one, you can expose them as an imposter.
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the application provides users with the ability to update itself on a regular basis which makes it even more desirable for others. This helps users in making use of the application services without facing any issues of sorts.
It is time to take advantage of Mudae on the Discord Bot. The Mudae commands…
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In it, the developers reminded players that they were stopping plans for “Among Us 2” as they focused on “Among Us 1.”
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There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s wearing a spacesuit. The Among Us Sheriff mod lets one crewmember be the local law. The sheriff has a kill button, and can kill impostors without waiting for a team vote. But there’s only one problem. Try to kill an innocent player, and you’ll die instead.
pretty much determines the outcome of the match. Assuming you have verified that
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The school’s film edition of its 2022 Hollywood Diversity Report detailed a variety of findings about diversity and growth in the industry, including the fact that in 2021, people of color made up one of the most sizable and consistent filmgoing populations in the United States. 
One of the most useful hacks for an Imposter. Whenever an imposter closes the door, it gets closed for some time and once that time finishes, there is a cooldown that needs to finish before closing the same door.
But I would recommend you to not use this hack because other players can notice your character’s speed and then they can quickly conclude that you were using the speed hack and eventually they will kick you out from the server.