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Amrit sharma asked 9 months ago

I have heard electric vehicles also use Lithium ion batteries similar to most smartphones or laptops. We are told not to put these items in the trash as they cause fires. If electric vehicles become the standard what process can be followed for disposal of these batteries to prevent them contaminating the environment?

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vedant garg Staff answered 8 months ago

Yes, it\’s true Electric Vehicles use Lithium ion batteries similar to most smartphones and laptops. But the good news is that these batteries are recyclable. When the battery in such a vehicle is deemed too worn out for driving, they still have up to 80 percent of their charge left. So before going to a recycling center, these batteries are used in a grid with unstable energy sources such as wind. This stored power has a function similar to a capacitor There are two ways to treat them once they reach the recycling plant. Completely discharged batteries are shredded so that the metals like like copper and steel can be separated. If the batteries could still possibly have a charge then they\’re frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed to frozen bits. The frozen nitrogen is used to cool them to extremely low temperatures and ensure they don\’t react. After this, again the metals are separated for reuse.