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…Your attacker’s just run onto the ball and you have another wide-man ahead of the defensive line on the opposite side of the pitch. What now?
FIFA 22 How to Win More Matches Guide PS5 PlayStation 5 4

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9. Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid) – 83 > 91
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Karim Benzema
Whether you’re playing route one football or Barcelona-ball, your striker is a key part of your build-up. Look at Manchester City – Guardiola wasn’t sold on Aguero until he’d improved that side of his game.
The key part to get right during initial set-up is the ‘Your Squad’ tab. Experiment with the top two ‘overall rating’ and ‘squad age’ sliders until you’re happy with the line-up of regen players on the right – and note that you can flick the right stick to see a list of player ages. For my created side (Bath City) I went with ‘One Star/Very Young’ for a tough League Two challenge, but if you’re dropping Carshalton Athletic into the Premier League you need a minimum of Four Stars and Balanced from the outset.
Unless your players have a five-star weak foot, you want them in the positions that they’re going to be most devastating. This might be Kevin De Bruyne at LCM – so that he can cut in and finesse the ball top bins – or Alphonso Davies at left-back to turn out to the touchline and play a driven ball up to Serge Gnabry. Use your players where they’re best – that’s basic management.
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Time it correctly and you’ll have one less person between you and the goal. This really is a matter of “practice makes perfect,” so I’ll leave it at that and wish you the best!
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Fancy taking on an established side, rather than making your own club? Then long-term career mode success is all about building for the future. We’ll have a more detailed guide soon, but for now these are the ten players in career mode with the highest potential. The first score is their current rating, the second their overall potential score.
FIFA 22 What is Hypermotion? Everything you need to know about EA Sports’ new gameplay explained
Of course, if you want to know how to win more matches then you’re going to need to know how to score more goals. The brutal reality is that even if your defence is impenetrable, you’re not going to win any matches if you can’t score a goal. So for the next phase of our FIFA 22 guide, we’re going to share some attacking tips, which will hopefully help show you how to score more goals:
14. Watch streamers for tips (and for fun)
Much like buying or selling a product on eBay, choosing the right time to release or acquire new players in Ultimate Team can give you an advantage when building your team. Prices are typically lowest overnight given the decreased competition, so we recommend looking at between 10pm ET to 5am ET. As for selling, you’ll get the best prices at peak times, so between 1pm ET or 4pm ET ( or 6pm and 9pm UK or Europe time).
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FIFA 22 is a highly competitive game that’s brilliantly entertaining both in victory and defeat, but the very nature of the game means you will experience moments when you’ll need to know how to keep your head. As part of our FIFA 22 guide, we’re going to share some more general tips, which we hope will help keep you cool and show you how to keep your head:
Alas, pause it during one of those cut-scenes and the story appears unskippable: you just aren’t given the option. But you can still skip it. The kickabout in the streets, and on PSG turf, can be paused like any regular FIFA 22 drill – and at this point you’re given the usual options, including quitting out to the main menu.
On this page:
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6. Never use a through-ball in the penalty area
No, the best thing to do is to assess your options before you absolutely pelt it into an opposition defender’s lap. It’s tempting to hold the R1/RB button down the whole time but please refrain. Use the L1/LB button in possession a little more and you’ll find yourself holding onto possession while shielding the ball. Think Bayern Munich, not teenage Traore.
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1. Be patient in your play
“Pace is very important – more important than it was in previous years. So having fast strikers and fast defenders are very key, the likes of Joe Gomez, Rodrigo.”
FIFA 22: Division Rivals – All Rewards, Release Dates, and Times
FIFA 22 Guide: Tips and Tricks for How to Win More Matches
It doesn’t matter how often you do this – your opposition will usually fall for it. It just creates space and helps to progress your team forward.
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FIFA 22 tips are already essential if you’re going to keep up with the elite in Ultimate Team – but rest assured that we’re not only focussing on sports gaming’s most lucrative (and controversial) mode. Just purchased FIFA 22? Then rest assured that career mode is worth a punt this year, thanks to the new create-a-club feature, which is also covered below. These are the seven essential FIFA 22 tips to know before you play.
FIFA 22: All Starting Transfer Budgets in Career Mode
Ditch skill moves and adopt fake shots
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Sometimes art imitates life – and FIFA can be conquered by learnings from the likes of Guardiola and Klopp…
Learn how to use explosive sprint
8. Matthijs de Ligt (Piemonte Calcio) – 85 > 91
FIFA 22 is the latest in EA Sports’ long-running football franchise, developed by EA Canada. The soccer simulation depicts the 2022-2022 season across many of the world’s best leagues, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga. It also includes a number of licensed competitions, like the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. We awarded the game an 8/10 in our FIFA 22 PS5 review, describing it as a “super satisfying simulation”.
8. Drill low crosses on counter-attacks
BuckArmy is a content creator with 183,000 followers on Twitch. He also plays NBA 2K21 and COD – apparently there are other games out there not about football…
If you’re at an angle and have a clear sight of goal, turn in and bend the ball into the corner – remember what we said about getting a player on his best foot. Finessing the ball uses the R1/RB buttons. This is what’s also known as the Mbappe shot or the Henry shot – two right-footed strikers who break onto the ball on the left and angle their body open only to shoot across the keeper. It works a treat.
“Letting go of the sprint button when dribbling in tight scenarios is extremely beneficial in making sure you keep possession of the ball.”
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“Sounds complicated right? It really isn’t, each year there are brand new features that help to improve the game. This year there have been multiple changes including players’ creative runs, positioning and passing. One of those features I’ve enjoyed is the new creative runs off the ball, this has allowed my attackers to create better chances.”
This is where your through ball comes in. Using the R1/RB button is a lovely little trick too, as it will play the ball between the full-back and the centre-back on that side, giving your on-rushing attacker a much better angle to run onto the ball.
6. All La Liga is a good way to go
10. Learn the skill moves
FIFA 22 Guide: Ultimate Team
Brandon Smith is a FIFA Esports Commentator and self-professed “Bad FIFA Player”. Finally, a man we can relate to at FFT.
First thing’s first, let’s start with the bare basics. Yes, we’re telling you to go back to school.