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Once you’ve earned your Icon Swaps 2 tokens, there are a bunch of different things for which you can exchange them, and if you earn enough tokens, you can claim multiple rewards. For example, if you earn all 18 tokens, you could unlock the Prime Icon Pack and the 91+ Mid or Prime Icon Pack. Here is the complete list of Icon Swaps 2 rewards:
Your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock when you return back to the Volta menu.

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Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are the major FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Hundreds of challenges will be released with rewards such as players, coins, and cosmetics( team kit). You should complete the challenges starting from the starter ones. Stage starter ones will get you some players to fill your squad and to be able to compete for challenges. 
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2. Gianluigi Donnarumma (PSG) – 89 > 93
FIFA 22 is a gigantic leap forward for the franchise. The new Hypermotion animation system isn’t just marketing speak, it’s a genius game-changer which helps matches play out closer to the real sport than ever. 
Free Fifa Points In Fifa 22
This team has a value of just under 5,000 coins, but should already exist in every club. The next challenge is even easier and also offers rare players.
This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Each week, you’ll be able to play against the Team of the Week Starting XI for that week and play a random ‘Featured Team’ often put together by a footballer or other celebrity.
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Your guide is really informative. I am gonna try out L1 touch and dribbling. Thanks for this.
After choosing a country, the system will give you 22 players plus a loan player who are mostly coming from the country you chose before – A loan player comes with a limited number of matches, when they reaches the limitation they will leave your club.
Yes can make money from kits and always from Brazilian players.
The above guide doesn’t only cover the best 22 male players in EA’s sports sim – it also charts the top FIFA 22 women ratings too. (Hit this link to head straight there.) Three talented ladies duke it out for top billing, with Netherlands’ Vivianne Miedema, England’s Lucy Bronze, and Wendie Renard of France all sharing a hefty overall rating of 92.
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Move to Accounts, enable start and buy on your FUT 22 Account.
This way, you may simulate through them for the remainder of your career (or your whole career) since simulating will give you the highest grade you scored manually, so master all of the training sessions and you won’t have to stop simulating every few days to get your players ready for the big match.
The cost makes this SBC not worthwhile as players can get cards for the same price from the Market. Players need to complete 4 SBCs in total in the 92+ Prime or Moments Icon Upgrade SBC and they are:
GK: Jan Oblak (91) – 29,750 coins
These are the three most popular FUT formations, however, there are many more options that may better suit your style of play.
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Look, it may sound stupidly obvious, but in order to easily accumulate Coins you’re going to want to make sure you’re actually playing the game. You’ll get rewarded a bunch of Coins at the end of each match depending on your performance, and this can add up surprisingly quickly and really supplement your income. You’ll unlock Coin Boosts as you progress through Season Progress and Milestones which will increase the amount of Coins you make. For more information on Best Controller Settings and Camera Settings, follow the link.
This trophy can be achieved in Volta Football. Go into your outfits and change any clothing item to get this trophy.
How to get FIFA 22 Coins Fast for free, FUT 22 Coins Earning Tips
Coins are a key part of FUT, enabling you to buy packs, or sign new players to your squad from the Transfer Market to further your journey to glory.
This is one of two in-game currencies that can be used to buy packs in the Store, with the community always looking for the opportunity to get hold of a hugely valuable player such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe.
Tactics are sometimes ignored by players, but you shouldn’t. In addition to choosing the formation, you must also change not only tactics, but also individual player instructions. For example, you can’t complain about a striker failing to rush forward if he’s instructed to fall back and ask for the ball on his feet… Think about the style of play you want to apply and define tactics and instructions in order to ensure that players behave according to that style. Also spend some time defining tactics for the several game situations, namely attack and defence, because all of this can really make a difference.
CB: Clement Lenglet (82) – packed
They change all the time. Just have to spot them rather than start them.
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Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account
Seriously, how often have you seen Bruno Fernandes play the ball ahead of Marcus Rashford in the box? No, he plays it to his feet when there is no space, which is simple but important to remember.
Select ‘Press’ in possession ‘Loss’ in defence, like Klopp at Liverpool, and ‘Possession’ in attack. The central midfielders need to be aggressive and get the wing-backs making attacking runs.
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How can I get free coins and points on FIFA 22?
“Watching pros is a quickfire way of learning the new mechanics of the game as well as finding out the META (most effective tactic available). This meta will guide you through FIFA 22 and will definitely get you that extra win in FUT champions.”
Boost your or your friends’ gaming experience.
The best rewards are waiting for you in the Weekend League. So, if you got some meta players and are confident to start the qualification, always try to get into the Weekend League. Even if you’re not that good in FIFA, you should make the qualification over time and sooner or later great rewards await you there.
Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account
Specials trading is a common practice among the FIFA trading community because it’s usually low-risk but can be very profitable if you are willing to make medium or long-term investments.
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide
Volleying in FIFA uses the same controls as a standard shot (O/B), but volleys require the ball to be in the air at roughly waist height. 
There you go, these are our tips on how to make coins in Ultimate Team. Enjoy the grind, and hopefully you get some nice players out of packs this year.
This trophy can be achieved in Ultimate Team. From the central hub, press  to get to your squad. Press  to activate squad actions, then click on custom tactics. Change any of the defensive or offensive settings and then save your changes, this will pop the trophy. 
It works well in FIFA with lots of lines between the strikers and the two rows of midfield. Possession is the key in offence. Just keep that ball until the opposition loses concentration and then you can hit them with everything.
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Sweaty tactics, formations and players are never going to be considered original – but for the average gamer they can work as a fast track to Divisional Rivals and weekend league glory. Want in on the fun? Then leap over to our FIFA 22 meta guide.
Venny – or Owen Venn – is a pro esports player for Southampton. He focuses heavily on FUT.
Once you have completed the match your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.
So what are you waiting for? Visit their website, enter your username and let the FIFA 22 coin generator do its magic. It could not be any simpler than that which means that no matter how old you are, you should have absolutely no trouble at all in getting yourself some free FIFA 22 coins today – just follow these steps!
The best thing to do is to wait until you’re at the last defender before utilizing Explosive Sprint, because you’ll (hopefully) have some space between your player and the opposition keeper to make a further decision on how to strike at the goal.
eSports is now a distinct sport in its own right, and many of us distinguish it from the real game on which the FIFA series is based each year.
Players can also choose to play various mini games in Volta Arcade which allows them to engage in matches with up to three players online.
Another to invest in is the Silver IFs. If Silver Beasts comes back they’ll shoot up to max BIN, given their current prices that’s 100% profit.
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