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Charging Your Vehicle Everywhere

World’s most Advanced EV Charger is now a network. We bring the Best in class Electric Vehicle Stations near you. Day by day our stations grows to cover every nook and corner of your city, the highways and places you spend time at. Book your charging with the simplest of taps, pay instantly and know when you need charge, all with Charzing app.

Charzing is never far.

Charzing is Nearby

You need not worry about how far you have come. You have come for good.

At Home

Safe and Fast. You can charge your car in front of you, really quick.

At Work

Most employers have learned the benefits of driving electric and are adding our stations. Employees and visitors can charge easily, quickly and safely. Always a hook.

Public Places

Your residential complexes and colonies have already installed our stations. Godspeed we are tying up with municipalities directly. Most of the parks, public places and the high streets are getting enough stations for you to be relaxed. Charzing is expanding.

Before Charzing

Inefficient Alternatives

Commute time is increasing

Cost is getting high

Non Eco-Friendly

With Charzing

Available & Accessible


Affordable, Safer and Cleaner


No of Cities


No of Stations


Charges Served

Charzing Cloud

Forgot to charge at home! No worries. Charge on the go.

With the end of oil, the only thing you dreaded was “What if my charge ends”. Charzing took this as a sworn mission to make sure a charging pod is always close and ready.

Smart app to Find and Book charging

 24*7 Support

Pay with a tap


Your drive is without the fear of discharging


Wherever you go the coverage will be there


Electric is new and its without doubt exciting


You are not alone. The world is going electric


Gone are the days when Petrol and Diesel will have leverage because of slow charging


This century will see the upward of electric and its cars


Commercial Real Estate,
Apartments and Condos,
Cities and Towns,
More Industries



Auto Dealers,
Authorized Resellers,
Hardware Manufacturers




You own one station.

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our network to earn.


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