Charzing MicroMobility

Easier Daily Travelling

A tech-enabled mass transit service offering a safer, comfortable & affordable ride

First Mile
Transit stops are mostly farther from major housing localities leading to the ever persistent first mile problem
Mass Transit
Any public transit stop which is more than a walk of 1/4 mile from a person’s origin point will not be used as much
Last Mile
Least efficient part has always been the last mile, comprising up to 28% of the total cost to transfer

0-6 km movements are most inefficiently served and constitute the maximum time of a commuters journey.

Before Charzing

Inefficient Alternatives

Commute time is increasing

Cost is getting high

Non Eco-Friendly

With Charzing

Available & Accessible


Affordable, Safer and Cleaner


Right Sized Vehicles maximizing availability of ridership and coverage with AI driven km’s based on the self-optimizing micro-mobility model of a locality

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Right Sized Optimum Battery Features

Mobility Model

Localization and Route

Vehicle Types 

Time value of mobility


Self Optimized Routes

Load Balancing

Cloud Scheduling


Available & Accessible


Affordable, Safer and Cleaner