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Our networked charging stations, mobile app and grid management platform not only are thriving to make EV omnipresent but also do this the right way. Our energy management solutions help people and businesses shift away from fossil fuels and manage growing demand for EV charging. And our work with multiple stakeholders, from car manufacturers to Governments to small businesses, is going to make EV a reality in very near future. Every day we add more drivers and areas to our growing network.
Charzing’s software products and services, customers in Norway and China operate more than 1000 charging stations.
Adstuck( was chosen as Top 12 companies for Tech Impact by Katapult Accelerator.

Our Company Values


Charzing has successfully partnered with EN+ of China for their China EV charging infrastructure set up. EN+ is china’s second biggest charging manufacturer and has done over 10000 charging spots in China. They have done 804 installation in one location, which stands as record for single biggest charging infrastructure. Charzing helps EN+ in making their existing hardware awesome.

A Little Of Our Story


Charzing team is one of the leanest yet most knowledge-dense team on EV network today. Our team boasts of results even multi-million dollar firms have not achieved. Charzing team operates the world’s fastest growing grid supported EV charging network. We also design, build, and support the technology that powers it.

How it started


Kundan(DCE, FMS) and Abhishek(IIT Madras) had been together for last 8 years building solid companies in varied sectors such as Advertising, Energy and Enterprise Software. Their last two companies, Alive and Adstuck were acquired by Benett and Coleman Yeahmobi in multi-million dollar acquisition.

Building on their expertise of utilities and energy sector they started with the Grid side of the problem and later built the EVSE platform for the consumers of Electric Vehicle charging network.
In their words, Charzing is a technology layer aiming to bring supply chain effectiveness in EV ecosystem.

Industry Veteran Anand Shankar joins as Cofounder

Anand Shankar joins as Cofounder and Head of Industry Relations

Anand joined as a cofounder in Jan, 2020 with 17 years of Industry experience bolstering the Corporate division. He has acquired several large value Overseas and Indian corporate alliances for Charzing. Anand has also been instrumental in bringing some of the key accounts to Charzing network.

Meet Our Advisors

Our Advisors include some of the world’s most knowledgeable and successful leaders in business, automotive, technology and investing. Advisors of Charzing are true ambassadors for future of sustainable mobility and, committed to the mission in every way possible.

Sridhar Vedala


Sridhar Vedala, Renowned Entrepreneur and Investor

Tony Jin


CEO of Shenzhen EN-plus Technologies Co., Ltd.
EN-plus is one technique innovative company dedicated to EV charging industry, with its headquarter located in Shenzhen, China.

Through continuous technical innovation and marketing accumulation, EN+ has grown to be a professional supplier for EV charging facility and solutions, capable of independent development from product design to product delivery.

In contrast with many competitors, we’ve been stressing sustainable R&D capability. Our product line covers the portable charger, AC charger, DC charger, EN-GATE (gateway) and software platform equipped with OCPP 1.6 protocol, providing smart charging service for both hardware and software.

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