DC 60KW Fast Charger


60KW Double charging connectors Integrated charging station:
DC060K-AG-00 is the DC charging station launched by EN+ Tech with integrated two charging connectors at 60KW power and 80A output current,applicable to passengers EV’s fast charging,provide the reliable charging service solution for the customers,can make DC charge to the EV cars,E-taxis and E-buses installed with standard charging ports
Communication protocol is compatible with the latest version of GB standard.

Additional information

Professional cooling design

Bell-mouth direct ventilation solution, ensure the ventilation for the modules, control the internal temperature, enhance the efficiency and stability.

Double waterproof & dustproof

Double-cavity design for module, maze design for air flow , double waterproof & dustproof design.

Stable and Reliable

Use industry\'s top components and high-efficiency module to ensure the hardware stability and reliability.

Friendly operation

Full LCD touch screen display of working status, charging progress, card balance and other operation information.

Initiative protection

BMS depth interaction, charger active participation in the monitoring during the charging process, to ensure a safe charging.

High power fast charge

Super fast charge: Single gun output 100%, double guns at the same time charges an average of 50% per gun.