EN-GATE is the abbreviation for energy gateway, which controls the network communication between chargers and the backend by means of Ethernet/3G/4G.

The gateway has the function of cluster management, enabling network connection with maximum 12pcs chargers via just one gateway. The advantage is to minimize the communication fees, reduce the single charger cost, and decrease the pressure on cloud

Additional information

Cluster Management

In clusters of chargers in a parking garage, a single EN-GATE can act as the communication gateway for maximum 12pcs chargers.

Connect the EN-GATE with Charger #1, and Charger #1 connects to the other chargers one after one with network cables.

The length of network cable between EN-GATE and Charger #1 should be less than 10M.

The total length of network cables from EN-GATE to the farthest charger should be less than 100M.